Eco-Center "Alakol"

Eco-Center "Alakol" located in the village and the valley of the same name Jyrgalan on altitude of 2300 meters, 60 km to the east of the city of Karakol.
Amazing mountain landscapes, clean air, mysterious lakes, raging river and lots of Tien Shan firs on the slopes you will discover the enchanting beauty of this place.

In the summer, there are opportunities for fishing, hiking and horseback tours. In the winter for ski tours, freeriding and snowmobile trips. Also, for those who interested in the restoration of health, eco-center offers kymyz treatment at spring and summer.

Eco-Center "Alakol" is an ecological house, which has 7 rooms, 3 double rooms "Lux" and 4 triple rooms "Standard".

  • Transfer to Bishkek- Almaty - Karakol.
  • Delivery to the slopes on snowmobiles
  • Backcountry, freeride - winter.
  • Kymyz, hiking, treks for a few days, fishing - in the summer.


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