Ski resort Karakol

At 7 km from the city of Karakol is one of the most popular ski resorts of Kyrgyzstan with the same name - Karakol. It is located on the slopes of Terskey Ala-Too (Tien-Shan) near the southern shore of the Issyk-Kul Lake at an altitude of 2300 meters. It was modernized and equipped with new equipment in 2004. Now it is the perfect place for active tourism and an unforgettable adventures.

The resort has:

  • Four chair lifts 
  • Hotel
  • Chalets 
  • Restaurant   
Map ski resort Karakol
Map of ski resort Karakol

The unique natural conditions: the abundance of pine forests and a mild climate make this place partucularly attractive for winer holidays. Temperature here rarely fall below - 5 degrees. The ski season lasts from November to April due to the abundance of precipitation at this time. Snow cover can reach up to 2.5 meters.

In summer, the resort also opened for lovers of horse-riding, hiking or off-road routes. The beauty of the miraculous nature of Kyrgyzstan will be opened to you when you visit this unique place.


Ski resort Karakol also provides another opportunity for unforgettable adventures: a walk in the winter woods on snowmobile and freeride skiing on the slopes of the majestic Tien Shan.

season 2014-2015 

Skiing days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (weekdays only)  
Type of ticket Cost
Ski-pass  600 KGS
Ski-pass (excursion, 1 ascent) 250 KGS
Skiing days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and holidays  
Type of ticket Cost
Ski-pass  1100 KGS
Ski-pass (for children) 600 KGS
The cost for a half day from 9-00 up to 12-00 700 KGS
The cost for a half day from 12-00 up to 16-00  700 KGS
Ski-pass (excursion, 1 ascent) 250 KGS

Rent a equipment (9-00 up to 16-00)
(only if you have a passport)

Service Cost per day
Equipment rental (skis, set) 400 / 600 / 1000 KGS
Equipment rental (snowboard set) 400 / 600 / 1000 KGS
Walk on ratrak to peak "Przewalski" 3450 m. (Capacity 10 pax for cabin.) 10 000 KGS/voyage