Trip to Jeti-Oguz "7 bulls" canyon

Around Issyk-Kul is a lot of beautiful canyons and natural boundaries: for example, Grigoriev, Karakol, Jets-Oguz, Djuuku. Acquainted with the mountains of Tien Shan, we moved to the west of the country along the northern shore of the lake: along the Issyk-Kul, with a stop in the canyon Jets-Oguz and Grigoriev Gorge. At the beginning of the canyon travelers meet the huge stone sculptures, similar in outline to the bulls - hence the name, "7 bulls", although they can be counted, and 9, and 11 - how much imagination will allow ...

With the Jeti-Oguz Kirghiz involves a lot of legends, here, for example, one of them: a mighty Khan, who had seven sons lived in these wonderful lands. Before his death, he bequeathed to the children divide their property equally. Sons obeyed - and the division of property. But they missed seven calves. Time passed, and the brothers found calves is already strong handsome bulls. And each brother forgot his father's decree, but remained blind greed. In order to save his brother from the strife, a wise man, a magician turned the handsome bulls in stone giants. And at the foot of the "bulls" and to this day beats hot water.
By the way, Kirghiz love scary legends, in which blood is shed - so this is one of the most innocuous variants.
Canyon for its beauty can compete with the United States Grand Canyon: severe wind of Issyk-Kul valley have created great drawings and stone sculptures. But, unlike the Grand Canyon, everything is simple: the canyon turned into a corral of one small Kyrgyz family, they immediately placed their huts, built of kizyak which immediately orderly dried in the sun ...

The canyon is located to the right of the "bulls" themselves:

And on the other side of the bulls - rock "broken heart." Also a wonderful place.

Author: Daniel Korzhonov