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Kel Suu

Kyrgyzstan – paradise for travelers!

“You are so lucky that you live in Kyrgyzstan! You even do not need to go abroad to travel – there are so many places to visit in your country!” – That are the words we hear from tourists after their traveling in Kyrgyzstan.

Indeed, we live in such a beautiful amazing country, but never travel around it… There are mountains, lakes, waterfalls, pastures, rivers! Also there are so many entrainments as horse riding, rafting, hiking, off road tours, fishing.

We started to think about it… And decided to make a tour with our friends!

As we all work in a travel company we have been in all main touristic spots many times. We wanted to see something new, attractive and unusual.

After discussions with some experienced travelers we made our choice – incredible mountain Kel-Suu Lake! It is situated on the Kyrgyz-Chinese border and rarely visited by tourists. The reason is that there are almost no roads, only paths and off road. 

We gathered all eqipment, fueled our car and began our journey.

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