Inylchek Glacier is the largest glacier in Kyrgyzstan. Its length is about 100 km and the total area is ​​over 800 sq. km. The glacier is located in the Central Tien Shan, in the north-eastern part of Kyrgyzstan.

It is divided into North and South Inylchek, that was previously a single glacier, but now they are connected by icy areas at the bottom of the Merzbacher lake. Inylchek occupies the area of 567 sq. km. The glacier is located in a place of extremely high altitude, where there are two peaks over 7000 m (Pobeda and Khan Tengri), 23 peaks over 6000 m and 80 peaks of 5000-6000 m high. Mountain slopes there are covered with ice, it often snows, the stable temperature is only at the end of summer, but not above 7°C. In the vicinity of the glacier over 70 climbing routes are paved. There are two base camps located under the slopes of Gorky Peak at about 4000 m. You can get there by helicopter from a staging base Maida-Adir (80 km to the west of the valley Inilchek, at a frontier).



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