Sport Trips

Kyrgyzstan is a country of adventures and active tourism. It attacks many active sport lovers - hikers, bike riders, snowboarders, photographers, paragliders, skiers, divers and many more. Pristine nature, prevented nomadic culture, Silk Road heritage, distinctive cuisine will amaze even experienced travelers.


During the flight you can enjoy the picturesque mountain scenery and breathe in the magnificent, extremely clean and fresh air of the Kyrgyz Land.


Kyrgyzstan’s mountain-saturated landscape makes it an ideal location for skiing and snowboarding in the wintertime.


High mountain lakes of Kyrgyzstan, with their purest and unusually clear water, welcome all lovers of scuba diving. Most of the lakes have favorable natural and climatic conditions for the development of such activitiy as diving.


Trekking through the valleys, forests, and mountain trails of Kyrgyzstan is a great way to spend a weekend or holiday. Trips over rough terrain allow tourists to explore Kyrgyzstan’s natural beauty.


You'll get the most vivid impressions and a huge adrenaline rush from rafting in Kyrgyzstan.


Kyrgyzstan, being a mountainous country, became an unforgettable place for people who like to travel on the mountain trails.


Riding a bicycle in picturesque places of the country allows tourists to enjoy the surrounding views, exercising and gaining excellent physical shape at the same time.