Karatal-Japyryk national reserve is located in Naryn region, southern part of Son-Kul lake. It also includes territory of two rivers: Kara-Tal and Japyryk. Area of the reserve equals 14000 hectares. Reserve is divided into two parts: Karatal-Japyryk and Son-Kul.

The main purpose of the first one is conservation of alpine meadows and fir forests, and the purpose of the second one is preservation of the rare bird - mountain goose, because Son-Kul lake serves as a nesting for these birds.

Moreover Son-Kul lake is the biggest freshwater mountain lake in the country, and it serves as migratory place for birds not only from Kyrgyzstan, but also from Altay, Siberia and Kazakhstan. Lover of ecotourism and cultural-cognitive tourism will like this place, because you can enjoy only the beautiful scenery, but also plunge into the life of the nomad.

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