Sarychat-Ertash national reserve is located in Jeti-Oguz district, Issyk-Kul region. It also includes territory of  Uch-Kol riverhead and Sarychat-Ertash syrts. The area of the reserve equals more than 72,000 hectares. Main purpose is conservation of alpine ecosystems of Inner Tien-Shan. Animal world is unique here.

The territory of Sarychat-Ertash reserve is inhabited by rare species of animals such as manul and snow leopard, moreover here it is possible to meet a mountain goat, mountain sheep and stone marten. A rare mountain bird of prey - oystercatcher ibis bill breeds here. This is one-of-a-kind place, where you can spend hours for admiring of the rugged beauty of the mountains, as well as to meet the unique animals.

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