Shaar Waterfall

The largest waterfall in Kyrgyzstan is about 300 m. It is located in the gorge of Bash-Kaindy in At-Bashi area.

Shaar Waterfall or Bash-Kaindy Waterfall that means “falling from the mountain”, is the largest waterfall in Central Asia and Central Tien-Shan ( about 300 m.), which is located in the gorge of Bash-Kaindy river. You can see it from afar, from Naryn-Torugart road which goes through At-Bashi. From the village of Bash-Kaindy there is 20 km to the waterfall. 
You can reach the waterfall on foot or on a horse. You need to drive a few kilometers to the entrance to the gorge and start hiking about 12 km. among fragrant firs along the river. This place is a real natural fitotherapy. The flora around the waterfall includes more than 270 species of plants, including relics and endemics. Many plants are unique and rare, they can only be met in some areas of Kyrgyzstan.

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