Shamsi gorge is located 120 km from Bishkek and it is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. The gorge has extremely steep and narrow slopes with rocky ledges. The gorge is crossed by the river of the same name with many rocky rapids. Strong and tall spruce pines grow in Shamsi. Subalpine zones are used as pasture (jailoo).

You can also see here wild animals such as martens, Turkestan lynxes, hares, weasels and others. In the upper part of the valley, at the altitude of over 3500 m, there lies Shamsi Pass, which connects Chui and Kochkor valleys. The gorge keeps secrets of past eras. Once there was found a mask of pure gold, which, according to local elders, belonged to an ancient queen named Shamsi, after whom the place got its name.

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