Mountain passage through the Alai mountain range (3615 m), that connects Gulcha river on the north with Alai valley at the south. There is a motorway through the pass, that connects city of Osh with village of Sary-Tash, that lies in Alai valley and further goes to the border of China or Tajikistan (Osh – Irkeshtam, Osh - Horog motorway). Taldyk pass is open for automobiles all-year round, which is rare occasion for high-altitude mountain passages.

Northern side of Taldyk pass is a beautiful serpentine road. From southern side road leads to the next passage, 40 years of Kyrgyzstan (3541 m), and then finally leads to the village of Sary-Tash. On your way you can see the monument, built in honor of Jury M. Grushko that led engineering works in 1930.

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