Kyrgyzstan, being a mountainous country, became an unforgettable place for people who like to travel on the mountain trails.

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Mountain hiking in Kyrgyzstan is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of civilization and relax among the magnificent scenery and tranquility of Mother Nature.

Kyrgyzstan, being a 90% mountainous country, offers unforgettable experiences for climbers and hikers to enjoy. Eighty-give percent of the country’s terrain is 1000+ meters high, 40% is 3000+ meters, and the cherry on top, there are also several 7000+ meter peaks, one of which requires no expert training to summit. Kyrgyzstan’s abundance and wide variety of mountain ranges, glaciers, passes, and gorges create an environment that holds opportunities for both beginner as well as expert hikers.  

Two mountain ranges that inhabit Kyrgyzstan are the Pamir and Tien-Shan Mountain Ranges. Mountain hiking in Kyrgyzstan will most likely put you in one of these two systems. The name “Pamir” translated from Farsi means “roof of the world” and received its title because of the peaks of the Pamir mountains that seem to literally touch the sky. The Tien-Shan is famous for its beauty and celestial ambiance. “Tien-Shan” means “celestial” and the name was appropriately bestowed on this range because of the lazy, fluffy clouds that constantly grace the mountain peaks while the surrounding skies remain clear and blue. 

Kyrgyzstan has a continental climate, but mountain climbers and hikers in Kyrgyzstan should bring cold weather clothing, sun screen, and plenty of bottled water. Travelers should expect to see lots of sunny days, occasional yurts on the mountainsides, some small villages, lots of livestock, and endless natural beauty. 


Popular mountain climbing/hiking destinations

Pobeda Peak, Lenin Peak, Oguz-Bashi Peak, Khan-Tengri Peak, Korona (The Crown) Peak and Pyramidalniy Peak.

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