Horseback travel through Sary-Moghol pastures and glaciers


Have you ever dreamed on following the footsteps of great Marco Polo? We offer you an amazing opportunity to travel on the most beautiful places that lie on the Great Silk Road! We will take you to the midlands of Alay Valley. We will challenge cold mountain rivers, high mountain passes and great distances with best companion for a true kyrgyz nomad, a horse! Throughout our travel we will met with nomads of Great Pamir Alai, get along with them and learn their cultural heritage.


Sary-Mogol 2980m – Jiptik Suu pass 4186m

Here we will meet with our guide, then depart from the village towards Kalka Toer river. We will pass Kara Bel jailoo, then the defile of the river Jiptik Suu. We will ride towards the foot of the mountain pass, hike it and then experience 180m vertical drop. Lately we will descend to jailoo of Sary Moghol, that lies right at the foor of Bekmat peak, which height is 4483 meters. Night we will spend in a yurt camp. Total distance 28 km, 6h


Sary-Mogol lake and pass

This day would be dedicated to joyriding around Sary Mogol lake. In early morning we will depart and reach thirteen lakes, that lie among glaciers in a mountaneous area. Some llakes may have a different color, which depends on variety of soils and minerals in them. We will also hike Sary Mogol pass, that lies at the height of 4303 meters and travel on the tongue of the glacier. In late afternoon we will return back to jailoo, where we will stay for a night in a yurt camp. Total distance today 24km, 6h.


Jailoo Sary Moghol- Korumdu

Today we will reach the source of river Korumdu and then challenge plateau Kaltatoer, which has a highest point of 4069 meters. In afternoon we will ride down along the river Balykty towards Sary Moghol village. Total distance today is 30km, 6h.

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  • Local guide (basic English speaking if available).
  • Horse-guide
  • Full board
  • Accommodation in yurt
  • Horse rental

Not Included

  • Transport to or from Sary Moghol (can be arranged on request),
  • Accommodation in Sary Moghol,
  • Insurances,
  • Airfare and taxes,
  • Alcohol and mineral water,
  • Additional Services


Horse riding tour is offered for experienced riders. Weather conditions and atmospheric pressure may be severe for people with low health condition. Average height is 3300 above the sea, temperatude may fall up to -5 degrees. It is necessary to have eqiupment and clothing, necessary for coping out with snow, ice and water. This is a draft program. It can be modified in case of weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances. Preparations before the tour: Kyrgyzstan is a young and developing infrastructure villages are not at a very high level. Refuse hospitality often becomes annoying. To avoid misunderstanding, read some guides and other corners of Kyrgyzstan before you prepare for your trip. Hope to meet you in the land of Celestial Mountains ... soon!