Saimaluu-Tash is one of the largest galleries of petroglyphs in the world. It is located at the distance of approximately 200 km from the city of Jalal-Abad. The gallery extends for tens of acres, at the altitude of 2800-3400 m.

The petroglyphs that can be seen in Saimaluu-Tash belong to different periods, from antiquity (2nd millennium BC) to the Middle Ages (1st-8th centuries) therefore they were made ​​in different styles. They are marked on more than 10000 large stones scattered across the area. When you see these pictures, you can learn the local history and understand how changed the culture and worldview of the people in different times. Thus, the gallery of Saimaluu-Tash is the most important source of knowledge about the life of people, their daily activities and beliefs.

The drawings depict people and animals, scenes of hunting, plowing and taming wild beasts, religious ceremonies and rituals. It’s important to notice that the road to Saimaluu-Tash is passable only in summer, the rest of the time it’s covered with snow.


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