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Osh Region

Tulpar-Kul Lake

High-altitude mountain lake (3500 m) is located in Chon-Alai mountain range at Osh district, at the base of Lenin peak.
Chuy Region

Issyk-Ata Gorge

Issykata gorge located 77 km from Bishkek is famous for its mineral geothermal springs. The famous resort is situated here, where the healing power of water is used to treat a number of different diseases.
Jalal-Abad Region

Chychkan Gorge

Traveling south on the Bishkek-Osh road, after the descent from the pass Ala-Bel you can find yourself in a beautiful gorge Chychkan. The name of the gorge translated from Kyrgyz means "a mouse".


Excellent video created by Alexei Nikitin. Author had used quadrocopter and cameras of GoPro in the movie.

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