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Osh Region


In the east of Alay valley, at the altitude of 3150 m above sea level there is the village Sary-Tash. The population of it is just over 1.5 thousand people.
Naryn Region

Kalmak-Ashu Pass

The height of Kalmak-Ashu pass is 3447 m above sea level. After passing it you can get to the northern shore of the lake Son-Kul.
Issyk Kul Region

Semenov Gorge

Semenov Gorge, with a length of about 30 km, is located 40 km from the town of Cholpon-Ata. In the valley there flows the river Ak-Suu, which starts from the glacier.
Osh Region

Kichi-Alay Valley

Kichi-Alay valley located to the north of Alay ridge, between the valleys Isfayram-Sai and Akbuura. The eponymous mountain range lies along the valley that reaches a maximum height of 4926 m.


Excellent video created by Alexei Nikitin. Author had used quadrocopter and cameras of GoPro in the movie.

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Silk Road Media

Central Asia is one of the least thoroughly surveyed area of modern world, which makes interest towards this region higher over years.

Ski Resorts in Tien-Shan

In winter there is ample opportunity to go skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the Tien Shan Mountains and to enjoy their majestic scenery.