8 Must See Waterfalls Hidden Throughout Kyrgyzstan

Barskoon waterfall

The power that radiates from a waterfall is practically tangible. Maybe that’s why they’re so fascinating. Kyrgyzstan contains over 30 waterfalls of note, but I’ve compiled a list of 8 that I think are particularly beautiful ones that make good destinations for a trip. These waterfalls are not only cool to check out in the summer, but in the winter, there’s nothing quite like seeing the raging cascades of a waterfall suspended majestically in frozen form. 

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1. Tears of the Snow Leopard Waterfall

Tears of the Snow Leopard waterfall can be found in the Barskoon Gorge off the southern shore of Lake Issyk Kul. It’s over 100 meters tall and can be reached by a 30-40 minute hike through the gorge. It makes a great day trip if you’re already visiting Lake Issyk Kul.

2. Kegety Waterfall

 Kegety waterfall is found in the Kegety Gorge (considered one of Kyrgyzstan’s most beautiful gorges) 85km outside of Bishkek. The waterfall is roughly 30 meters tall and sits at an elevation of 2000 meters. It’s also not far from Burana Tower, an ancient Silk Road monument, for people that are interested in historic sites.

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3. Shaar Waterfall

Shaar waterfall rests at 3200 meters in the Bash-Kaindy Gorge in the region on Naryn. This waterfall is the largest in all of Central Asia at roughly 300 meters tall. It’s so big, you can see it from 45 km away on the road leading up to At-Bashi. The distance from the nearly village of Bash-Kaindy to the Shaar waterfall is about 20 km.

4. 33 Parrots Waterfall

 Thirty-three Parrots waterfall is located in the region of Naryn near Lake Song-Kul, a gorgeous alpine lake that sits perched atop a tranquil mountain pass. The waterfall sits at 2600m and is about 30 meters tall. 

Sergey Kalachov

5. Maiden Tears Waterfall

 Maiden Tears Waterfall is located in the Jeti-Oguz Gorge. It’s about 15-20 meters high and only takes a 40-50 minute hike to reach. It’s a great destination especially when paired with visiting the Jeti-Oguz “7 Bulls” red rock formations nearby.

6. Abshir-Ata Waterfall

 Abshir-Ata Waterfall is located in the Abshir-Sai Canyon that resides in the Osh Oblast. It’s 70km from the city of Osh, 3km above the mouth of Abshir-Sai Canyon, and stands 12-15 meters tall. Abshir-Ata is called the “Milky Waterfall” by locals and many believe that its waters can heal the sick.

Cristian Maller

7-8. Arslanbob waterfalls (big&little falls)

The big falls at Arslanbob are 80 meters tall, located 8km above Arslanbob. The small falls at Arslanbob are 23 meters high and located near the Arslanbob walnut forests (the world’s largest naturally growing walnut forests).  Across from the small falls, there’s also a cave called the “cave of 40 angels.”