About Horse Riding

Horse riding at Lake Issyk-Kul

“Good bride has a price, good horse is priceless”


Advantages of horse riding can be talked indefinitely, and it was a key reason why ancient nomads had great health and endurance in comparing with us, the city dwellers. There were plenty of other factors indeed, they lived in a rough climate and people were in constant pressure of psychological and physiological factors. They had to take care of themselves not only for several days in advance, but have a constant food supply for a winter season and horse was a great and valuable asset. For centuries horse was a center of spiritual and economic life of Kyrgyz tribes and many folklore tales and songs mention them followed by multiple depictions in national jewelry and crafts.

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Nomadic lifestyle coupled with local climate with winter seasons are severe, and for long distances nomads travel only on the back of a camel, or horse, and living without them was a difficult challenge. Many tales, legends, idioms and surely the legendary “Manas” epos are telling the story of a Kyrgyz horse, how to select them, keep and breed. Nomads earned their title of horse experts and breeders. Notable fact that  historical along with mythical heroes carved their place in history and hearts of their people with making their heroic deeds on the back of their horses.

From the blued steel it’s bits are. They are drawn to the earth,

Land where it touches with its hooves,

Explodes, even if the stones are there ....

It is like a cloud that suddenly rose above the river bed,

What kind of animal - racing like the wind! ".

Said Akkuly about the beauty of Manas horse on the pages of the famous epos.

Here is the list of major advantages of a horse riding:

  1. Active heat exchange between rider and a horse stimulates human blood circulatory system. When you ride the horse, it rides along with you, both of your bodies are in constant movement, which also improves the coordination.
  2. It’s also known that active interaction with animals makes people feel better, especially those who lacks self-confidence, suffers from autism and has minor health issues. It has a scientific name, hippotherapy. High morale and care about our elder brothers in animal kingdom is a vital criterion of development of a modern human.
  3. Horse riding – is a sport, leisure and a lifestyle in one piece. Horse riding is a great opportunity to reduce stress and forget about daily routine and stress.
  4. Such activity causes positive effect on human body. When you ride your body works with muscles on your back and on stomach to keep you balanced, which gives an incredible and easy recognizable cavalry’s posture. Additionally you can always adjust your personal load level. Man, who recovers from trauma would enjoy short riding trips, while an athlete would work on endurance by participating at long walks.
  5. Horse riding is very good for circulatory system, respiratory system and alimentary system. Horse riding is a light activity for your heart and lungs.

As a result we believe that you will receive a tremendous amount of positive emotions from getting along with horse, a great posture, get rid of stressful memories and enjoy the memorable ones.

Antidepressant: Such activity implies the change of an environment, interesting surroundings and of course, new exciting friendly relationship with your new companion – horse.

Such activity is extremely beneficial for those, who has a passive lifestyle (desk job and couch in front of a TV at home). Horse riding actively works with muscles of your back and legs, you need to keep the balance while you are on it.

In order to maintain and establish a connection with your horse you need to follow a set of simple steps:

  • Don’t move swiftly, talk with your horse in a nice and calm manner, trying to get its attention. Surely horse didn’t understand you, but it can hear you and perceive your intonations;
  • Any manipulations with horse must be made only from it’s left side (saddle up, sit down and getting off the horse);
  • Be friendly and don’t approach horse from its back. When you talk with it, put your palm on its head to feel its mood and attitude towards you.
  • We carefully select horses with good temper and patience for our travels, which guarantees us pleasant vacation coupled with psychological and physiological satisfaction.

Variety of Kyrgyzstan natural landscapes makes it an ideal place for a horse riding trips, when you are surrounded by mountains in a harmony with nature. Such trips would let you slip silently into the world of nomads, get a better understanding of their culture and philosophy. There are many expressions about horses, such as “horse – is a wings of a nomad, that may carry you to the end of a world” and many others. Right now beautiful mountains and jailoos of Kyrgyzstan give food and shelter to 360’000 horses with different colors, breed and shapes.