Every year since 2006 last week of June in Kyrgyzstan is a week of International “Oimo” festival, that begins at Bishkek and continues on the shore of Issyk-Kul. Main goal of this festival is preservation and development of national fine arts and crafting, continuation of cultural heritage through generations and promotion of Issyk-Kul as an international place of pure ecotourism experience.

More than 120 crafters from every corner of Central Asia gather at the festival that continues the traditions of Great Silk Road caravans. Best crafters would teach children how to make small souvenirs and gifts, while designers would show their ethnic fashion clothing and young artists and poets would compete with each other. Event program would also be supported by National Assembly of Nations in Kyrgyzstan.

Oimo festival became important and attractive event in the cultural life of Central-Asian region. Many tour operators of Central Asia keep a track on it and inform their clients about such great opportunity for them to see and furthermore, attract additional tourists and encourage them to visit Kyrgyzstan.

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