“Shoro” company: secret of long-lasting success


Nowadays healthy lifestyle became a trend that arouses many positive voices across Kyrgyzstan. Natural products without additives and preservatives are getting more popular with each day. “Shoro” company is a leader in making such products and natural beverages.

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Company offers a wide range of different products, among which every client can find something, what attracts them most. National beverages, such as “Maksym Shoro”, “Chalap Shoro”, “Jarma Shoro” and “Bozo Shoro” became important part of Kyrgyz culture, that were acknowledged not only in Kyrgyzstan, but abroad as well.

What is the secret of a company, and future it faces in coming years? 22 years ago nobody could have thought that old nomad recipes would be used for mass production, that would became a symbol of cultural legacy and heritage. It all began in 1992, when cofounders of the company, brothers Tabaldy and Zhumadyl presented their products on the local market – 90 liters of Shoro beverage. It sparkled an interest of the community and they were sold out in a day. The Tabaldy decided to go for a mass production and hit Kyrgyz market in a large scale.

Shoro company keeps unique niche in Kyrgyz market. It is a multi-brand company that highlights the importance of technological advancement and values preferences of its customers. Highly-qualified personnel applies their knowledge and practical skills for reaching far-stretched goals? That would solidify company’s position in the market. Corporate products are known for containing natural ingredients only, high quality and variety of flavors that would satisfy taste buds.

Shoro became also known for an unusual for market delivery of their product – in now famous branded barrels, that distribute small portions of drinks in spring and summer period. After a great start company worked on maintaining trustful connections with its suppliers, establishing recognition from customers and look forward into the future, with plans of expanding production and aiming for neighboring countries. Healthy lifestyle became the motto of the company, which affects on the overall processes of the company. Secret of Shoro’s success partially lies in the customs of making national beverages in the old nomadic way.

Each production stage carefully monitored. Best raw ingredients selected and processed with active assistance of modern equipment. Company compels with international production standards and takes care of their customers. Undoubtedly every aspect of production process was thoroughly planned and aimed for further expansion.

Unsurprisingly that Shoro’s board of directors always plans step ahead of the market, considering and integrating new modifications and new products. Since 2000 company started to produce natural water. Shoro finally reached the position of market leader and became known to every Kyrgyz citizen, along with it’s brands, such as “Legenda”, “Issyk-Ata”, “Baitik” and many others. Each products is made along with company mission and standards, possess high quality and keeps the reasonable price. As every company that keeps the leading position in a market, Shoro had faced with many false accusations throughout time, but all of them were proved false after proper investigations. Shoro company always welcomes press and health safety representatives, exhibiting them production lines and water springs, that provide water source for company’s high-end products.

Aforementioned, Shoro products are famous for relieving thirst and hunger simultaneously and especially popular during the summer. During the summer Shoro is especially popular among citizens, with decline in sales throughout winter. Shoro plans on increasing its presence during cold periods with a variety of products. In 2012 Shore developed and distributed to mass market new unique product, “Bozo”, which immediately became popular among customers.

Along with beverages in 2008 Shoro had started to produce a line of dairy products. Their first product was “kurut”, long-lasting and energizing dairy product, issued in small packages, which was uncommon for that type of product and which significantly increased its expiry dates.

Nowadays company researchers actively work on improving the quality and recipe of their products along with their packaging. Beverage sector divided between bottling and barreling with unique features and issues, which company faces when they distribute their products via large barrels, like maintaining the temperatures, mixing of the beverages and transportation.

In 21 years Shoro had established close and trustful business connections with strategic partners from neighboring countries. After taking leading position in Kyrgyz market, Shoro now aims for new, unexplored markets. Shoro earned its name by maintaining high level of quality, increasing standards of production and broadening its brand family, with each year solidifying its position as a market leader. Shoro remembers what it owes to its nomadic origin and values Kyrgyz heritage, that gave them so many products, that they can offer for us.

Author: Shoro company