Autumn in Kyrgyzstan

For those, who haven’t gone anywhere during the summer it is not the time for despair, autumn in Kyrgyzstan is known for its warm weather and light rains. During the month of September you could still visit Issyk-Kul, swim in its waters and sunbathe on the shore.

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Mountain lakes as Son-Kul, Sary-Chelek and Kel-Suu are also expecting brave adventurers, who travel to them by car, by feet or on a horse. Mountain passes and rivers are still keeping the warmth of summer and available for rafting and trekking adventurers.

At Chui valley you can enjoy paragliding activities or set a camp somewhere in mountainous valleys to enjoy wild nature. Many forests and groves are full of life, animals are actively preparing for oncoming winter and making stocks for cold times, actively harvesting fruits, nuts and potherbs. Fall is a great season to get closer with many animals of Kyrgyzstan, enjoy the majestic flight of an Asian eagle in the blue sky, notice tiny gold-eyed ginger fox, hiding in the bushes or see amusing marmot, standing tall in steppes, staring for enemies and troubles coming.

October is a time of golden autumn. Walnut and oak groves change their colors to bright golden spectrum, drastically changing their appearance. Most notable places during fall season is national parks, natural reserves and groves, where you can enjoy pure air and untouched beauty of nature. 

Not far from Bishkek you can go for a great horseback adventure to the gorges of Tash-Yrgytma, Chunkurchak and Dungurotmo. At Issyk-Kul you can visit Fairy-Tale canyon, that may change its appearance within a day, Barskoon and Jety-Oguz gorges, also expecting many tourists to arrive.

November is a month of cultural tourism, month of Ferghana Valley. Unlike northern regions of Kyrgyzstan, south it is still comfortable and warm for traveling. We recommend you to visit famous Osh bazaar, enjoy the sights at Suleiman Too and awe in the National museum of history and archaeology. Furthermore you can travel to the National park Kara-Shoro, Abshyr-Sai valley, Alay and Kojokelen, where you can stay for a night in a yurt and enjoy some horse riding activites. Ski season starts in the end of November in Karakol

Autumn in Kyrgyzstan is amazing and distinct season with its own charm and magnificence that you can enjoy with your friends and family!