Central Asia is one of the least thoroughly surveyed area of modern world, which makes interest towards this region higher over years. However much of the information people from Europe and America receive are filtered, and focused on politics and economics, with less regard towards history and rich culture of Asian civilizations. Sadly, when people try to search for information about Central Asia countries people will face with difficulties because there is a small amount of information sources in other languages.

Our aim is to create projects that enlightens cultures and nations of Central Asia, their history and interconnections, their arts, history, geography and people, that live in those countries. Silk Road Media materials are of a great quality, which keeps attracting readers, that became interested in Central Asia. Thus turned SRM (Silk Road Media) into a great information partner for organizations, that advertise their products and want to reach foreign readers.

SRM depicts cultural image of Central Asia in all of it's publications and online as well. Those measures provide healthy cultural exchange between nations, providing necessary information and feedback, when questions are aired. Our team travels to the farthest corners of Central Asia, that are loosely covered by media in order to provide most actual and concurrent information.

SRM was founded by Marat Ahmedjanov in 1998 under the name of "Silk Press" at Jyzak in Uzbekistan and developed into fully international publishing business, that connected Europe and Asia. In 2011 it began to edit and publish Discovery Horizons magazine. Those projects are also supported with a great compilations of Guidebooks for Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, that are issued in English, French, Japanese, Russian and German languages. Since 2004 Silk Road Media actively engaged in publishing books, and their first book was a child story, written by young Uzbek writer - "Star Water".

Lately in partnership with Central-Asian companies we published such books as: "Tamberlaine the Great" of Christopher Marlow for BBC Central Asia, "What's Up with Wendy?" Epilepsy explained by Medikidz for Kazakhstan, "Emerging Markets" for EBRD in Uzbekistan and USAID\ABT, UNFPA, UNDP, TIS, Master Press, United Friends, embassy of Kazakhstan in UK, Savitsky Museum, British Consulate and French Embassy in Uzbekistan, B2B magazines for "Intercontinental", "Dademan", "AmCham" hotels. Our magazines are distributed via subscription and also through Discovery bookshop, which was founded by Silk Road Media in 2006. Our motto is to provide access to books, that are published around the world for people of Central Asia. Another goal is to allow students to learn foreign languages with assistance of broad range of dictionaries. We have brand new, second-hand and rarity books, along with maps, postcards and souvenirs. Our offices and representatives are available in Almaty, Dushanbe and Tashkent, which help us to reach more than eighty other places. Also we are present at Discovery-bookshop.com, eBay и Amazon. 

More detailed information is available at www.silkroadmedia.co.uk

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