7 Reasons to Visit Kyrgyzstan in 2024

Oguz Bashi valley

Kyrgyzstan is a country of celestial mountains, crystal-clear lakes, amazing nomadic culture, and distinctive traditions. It is the country, where you can learn how to build a yurt, hike among mugnificent canyons, observe the golden eagle hunting.


№1 Diverse and rich, yet sometimes odd cultural heritage.

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Vlad Ushakov

Kyrgyzstan’s culture is fascinating. Kyrgyz people speak their own language as well as Russian and sometimes English. They are mainly Muslim, and posses Asian features like Mongolians and share similar cultures. They have semi-nomadic lifestyle, spending winters in villages and moving to summer pastures during warm months of the yeaк with livestock. You can experience the distinctive culture, and have a feeling you lived there your entire life. 

One of the most impressing traditions is eagle hunting. The hunters train the birds since they are little. Tamed golden eagles hunt for their masters during colder periods of a year. You can read our blog-post about the tradition here.


Celebration of Nowruz.

Journal of Nomads

Nowruz is the most authentic holiday celebrated in Central Asia. It is time to celebrate the new year on the 21st of March, the first day of spring, and a symbol of a new start. People cook traditional food, dance, play traditional games, eat Sumelök (desert made of newly grown grains), and visit relatives.


№2 Hospitality and friendliness of Kyrgyzstan people. 

Shmulik Simon

The best way to get to know a country is to spend time with the locals. In Kyrgyzstan, they will invite for tea, treat you with meal, trying to get to know your culture and share theirs. If you meet someone who has visited the country, they will tell similar stories about astonishing hospitality.


№3 Plenty of festivals.

World Nomad Games

Kyrgyzstan is a country where a lot of festivals are held. Despite what season of year you are visitings, there are always some kind of celebration or festival nearby. During Nowruz (21 of March) or Independence Day (31 of August) national game Kok Boru is organized in the main hippodrome of Bishkek. As Kyrgyzstan a multicultural country, celebrations and festivals of other cultures are often celebrated. 

One of the biggest events ever organized in Kyrgyzstan is World Nomad Games. It is equivalent of the Olympic Games, but here athletes compete in nomadic sports such as horse riding, Kok Boru, horse wrestling, eagle hunting and many others.


№4 Paradise for hiking and trekking.


The country is rich in mountain trails, gorgeous, snowy peaks, alpine lakes, passes. For hike lovers, active tourism is a perfect match. Scenery from high peaks will make you fall in love with the country and will make you come back or stay longer in the country.  Majority of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous and its landscape is distinctive from region to region. Everyone finds their favourite hiking route.


№5 A lot of alpine lakes, hot springs, and spring rivers.

Rok Sisernik

The country has one of the largest water resources in Central Asia. Over 2000 lakes and 4000 rivers are located in Kyrgyzstan. It is a perfect place for rafting and kayaking. 

It also has a lot of hot springs. During the winter you can ski in Karakol and end your day in a hot spring for relaxation. Basically, every region has several hot springs, but the most popular is Hot Springs of Altyn-Arashan. Where the water is almost near boiling point. A lot of locals and foreigners come for treatment.


№6 Countless things to do and places to go.

Alan Kordoba

Kyrgyzstan offers a huge number of activities such as living in a yurt with nomads, discovering local cuisine, paragliding, diving, rafting, train trips to Issyk-Kul, hiking in Arslanbob walnut forest, camping, hitchhiking, clubbing in the capital, sightseeing of Silk Road heritage, off road traveling, the list can go on forever.


№7 Visit Kyrgyzstan before mass tourism reaches there.

Alexey Klyanin

Slowly but surely Kyrgyzstan attracts more and more tourists. For instance, last year more than 7 million tourists visited the country and the trend is growing. Lonely Planet listed Kyrgyzstan as must-visit country. More people getting to know about it. Thus, now is the time to discover Kyrgyzstan’s fascinating nature, authentic and distinctive culture.