Chuy Valley is the most northern valley of Kyrgyzstan where the capital Bishkek is located. Valley lies on territory of two countries Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan from Boom Gorge to western part of Muyunkum Desert. On the other side it is framed by Kyrgyz Ala-Too in the south and Chu-Ili mountains in the north. The valley is vast of low altitude above sea level; and together with sharply rising mountains create a unique combination of natural conditions for different kinds of tourism like Trekking, Off-Road, Rafting, Cycling, Ecotourism, Cultural. Thanks to the proximity of the capital and the development of the region, there is necessary tourist infrastructure. However, Chuy Valley is interesting not only for natural attractions. Since ancient times, the Chuy Valley has been the center of civilization in Central Asia, due to its good climate, plenty of water and other natural resources. The Great Silk Road passed through it, and therefore, in different historical periods, various people and cultures found home here. So on the territory of the Chui region you can find traces of the presence of primitive people, ancient Scythians and Turks. There are also centers of religious cultures: Buddhist (stone statues of Buddha found in the Krasnorechensky settlement, ruins of Buddhist temples, as well as an image of a healer Buddha in the Issyk-Ata Gorge) and Islamic. On the territory of the valley at various times numerous historical cities and settlements were located. These include, for example, the city of Balasagun (Burana Tower), the capital of the state of the Karakhanids, the remains of which can still be seen with your own eyes, as well as the Krasnorechesky settlement, the settlements of Suyab, Nevaket and Ak-Beshim.

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