The grand historical and architectural complex of Shah-Fazil is situated in Alabuka district of Jalal-Abad region, 10 km from the village of Kerben. It includes the sacred mountain Archa-Mazar, the mausoleum Shah-Fazil (11th century), the mosque (18th-19th centuries), the mausoleums of Alamberdar and Safid-Bulent (19th century) and The Holy Hermit cave.

The most unique in its origin and importance is the mausoleum Shah-Fazil, as it is one of the rare architectural monument of Karakhanids epoch. The four walls of the mausoleum have the same length and they point specifically to the sides of the world. The building’s height is 15.5 m. The upper part of the mausoleum is covered with a huge cylindrical dome. Inside Shah-Fazil is decorated with gypsum (ganch) carved ornaments of bright colors.

Historians have found that the mausoleum used to be the tomb of Ferghana ruler Mahmood ibn Nasir, the ruler of the Karakhanids Age. Now the historical and architectural complex of  Shah-Fazil is visited by many pilgrims coming from all over Central Asia.


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