One of the oldest towns in Kyrgyzstan Uzgen is located 56 km to the north-east of the city of Osh . The town's population is about 50 thousand people.

The town was founded in 7th-9th centuries. Through it was paved the trade route connecting Central Asia and Kashgar. In 12th century Uzgen was the southern capital of the State of Karakhanids. Until now the town kept significant architectural monuments of that period.

You can see there the unique architectural complex including the minaret 27 m high, the madrassa and three mausoleums where the rulers of the dynasty of Karakhanids were buried by. All the structures were built of baked bricks and ceramic parts; the exterior was decorated with patterns and designs.

Also in Uzgen you can see the mosque built in 19th century, restored and open to the public now.


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