People all over the world travel to different countries to gain new experiences. Some people prefer exploring nature, going on adventures, learning about different cultures, or simply relaxing somewhere away from the chaos of everyday life. As for me, one thing I love about traveling in particular is the opportunity to try all different kinds of food. If you’re traveling to Kyrgyzstan, you’ll find that Kyrgyz cuisine is definitely one of a kind.

In Kyrgyzstan, meat and dairy products are an integral part of national dishes because of the country’s nomadic heritage and easy access to these products. Lamb, beef, and horse meat are the most common meat types along with fresh horse, cow, and goat milk which are made into a variety of different dairy products that you’ll find all over the country. Grains, starches, and steaming pots of tea also usually supplement each meal. An added bonus is that meat, fruits, and vegetables within the country are fresh and organic; people in Kyrgyzstan prefer avoiding the use of chemicals and additives. 

Kyrgyzstan has several traditional dishes that have been refined and perfected over time. As with most countries, it has also adopted several dishes from neighboring countries that add to the country’s repertoire of food.  

Some traditional Kyrgyz dishes include Oromo, BeshBarmak, Borsok, Kuurdak, and Kazy Karta. 


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