We decided to travel to Kyrgyzstan in May, and our travel was very eventful. We managed to visit the most distant places of that relatively small, but vivid country, and it took from us just 14 days. Down hills burned us with heat, while at the mountains we were covered by snow. We cruised through the highways and drove on the bumpy roads. We conquered the mighty serpentine roads and passed river fords. We listened for the first time in our lives the peaceful breathing of lake Issyk-Kul in the sunrise and saw when first sunbeams lit mountain peaks of Tien-Shan into a fire. We met a sunset in picturesque valley and waited for falling stars on the shiny sky with bated breaths.

Every day that we spent in Kyrgyzstan was unlike any other. But there was one thing that remained constant – kind-hearted, open and incredibly helpful people that we everywhere we set our foot. I believe that people is the biggest wealth of any place and Kyrgyzstan has something to be proud of! I couldn’t go to such journey without a camera and here is the result of my trip to Kyrgyzstan. Let’s go!”

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