My trip to Kara-Bulak

Eco Resort Kara-Bulak

“Beautiful journey to the summer dream, world of tales and legends, fascinating and terrific gorges at Kara-Bulak eco-resort!”

with these words I began my journey to the countryside of Bishkek. At the start of our trip I read our program for today with brief introduction of the area and detailed timing of our arrival and departure. Eco-resort was not far away from the city, but when you live for a while in active rhythm you start to believe that every trip outside of a city is an adventure, which requires you to bring your toothbrush, extra clothing and food supplies. When I woke up in the morning I had to remind myself couple times that I’ll be back less than in 7 hours, which didn’t stop me to bring food for a day in advance anyway.

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My hosts met me in the city and we headed out of the city. Along my way I learned that along with one-day tours that they offer, they also have small houses and cottages for those, who wishes to rest from daily routine and improve health. We actually picked up along our way another two person, who headed to kara-bulak for a small vacation. To make sure that nothing distracts them, they also brought their cat with them. I hope that it will enjoy that trip too

We travelled across the serpentine road which required good skills and experience from our driver. It felt we were on the Russian rollercoaster, we accelerated, ascended another hilltop, and then descended down from it. Right now road to Kara-Bulak is being actively refurbished for summer season. Kara-Bulak eco-resort lies close to the village of Arashan and this area kept its original name (which by the way means “black spring” which means that is springs even at winter. I was very surprised to know that not so far away from the capital lies such a beautiful area with Kyrgyz meadows, jailoo, with horses and sheep and that it’s really cool here, even in the summer.


We passed couple of horse-breeding farms and finally arrived. Eco-rest possesses a unique and distinct design, its creators decided to build houses in a modern way and made an interesting innovation, a window that sits right on the ceiling in front of the bed, so you can see the stars in the night. It is surely a hotel of a thousand stars!


Eco-resort was built around several springs, scattered around the area. They built a pump, which allowed them to collect water, use it for irrigation, cooking and personal needs even at the winter season! Although many construction works are still ongoing, eco-resort acclaimed some reputation and loyal customers that often come here for a vacation. Along with plans for making a garden with own fruits and vegetables, Kara-Bulak successfully breed horses and offer mare’s milk – kumys as a healthy beverage and developed special programs that includes active and systematic drinking of kumys to improve health.


After brief tour we had a lunch, enjoyed home-made jam with tea, and it was finally time to go for a tour. I’ve been offered either to travel by horse or by car and I decided to pick up a jeep tour because sky was a bit cloudy, and lately I found out that it was a right choice. Tash-Yrgytma gorge was like an ancient Rome, with hundred ways that lead to it, even at the winter season.Hilltops and foothills were covered by flowers and grass, it was a true kingdom of jailoo. All meadows are public, and many horses are freely walking here and enjoying summer.


Sadly our picturesque route finally came to an end and we reached the top, where we enjoyed a great panoramic view on Bishkek, and if you have sharp eyesight you can even recognize some of the building and memorials. Unfortunately weather started to get angry and we had to get moving, because we wanted to visit another places as well. Sadly but rain had started  and In a few minutes it became very strong which made dangerous off-road travelling, because grass along the road makes it slippery and we had to turn back.  But still we manages to reach Chunkurchak gorge for a few minutes and then we went back to Bishkek.


Whole journey took from us less than six hours and in the middle of a working day I was back in Bishkek. Our short, but entertaining journey gave me some great memories to recall and finally I got an answer to a question, can I have a great time without going to a full-scale vacation and the answer is yes.

Author: Artur Aliev