In the Country of Fabulous Valleys


This program offers to horseback riders to stroll through mixed terrain: mountains along the red line and spruce forests, glaciers and meadows. The second part shows another part of Kyrgyzstan, the heart of a nomadic life, Son Kul lake with lots of yurts, Kokomeren River and Too-Ashu pass.



Bishkek (airport) - Karakol

Meeting at airport of Bishkek and driving to Karakol town by north shore of Issyk-Kul lake. We will make radial trekking to Konorchok canyons on the way (if weather will be open). We will walk from main road in Boom valley through narrow dry gorge and a maze of rocks scattered over a dry riverbed. In the canyons, you’ll see red sandstone columns which looks like Grand Canyon in Colorado, US! Coming back and continue our trip. Dinner and overnight in hotel.


Karakol - Jeti-Oguz

Short city tour in Karakol. We will visit famous Dungan mosque made without any nail, Orthodox Church and a monument to the Przhewalski. Lunch in ethno restaurant Dastorkon, after driving to Jety-Oguz valley. Visit famous rocks Broken Heart and Seven Bulls. Dinner and accommodation in yurt camp Golden Yurt.


Jeti-Oguz - Oguz Bashi peak 5168m

Meeting with equestrian and instruction riding on the horses. Horseback riding on the way to river Baitor where you could see amazing view to Peak Yeltcin 5168m (1st President of Russia), previous name Oguz-Bashy (Head of Bull). Night in tents at the entrance to the gorge Asantukum.


Jeti-Oguz - Chon-Kyzyl-Suu

We leave Jeti-Oguz through Archa-Tor Pass (3850 m), leading to the Chon-Kyzyl-Suu gorge. In the morning after the picnic, we go down to the little valley Karabatkak and pass on the old geological and meteorological station, built in 1948. There we feel the freshness of the river at the foot of the glacier. Night in tents.


Chon-Kyzyl-Suu valley - Ashu Tor pass

We hit the road to get to the Ashu-Tor pass part on the foot and part on the horses. If the time is well distributed, we can see the Sirt. After the picnic, we descend to our camp again. Night in tents.


Chon-Kyzyl-Suu - Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu

We ride down the gorge before proceeding with the pass that leads to the gorge Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu valley. We are riding through alpine forests, firs and see many mountain flowers. We reach the lower reaches of the gorge and camp near the river Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu. Night in tents.


Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu -Juukuchak

We are opening new Alpine valley Juukuchak. The way goes up to the Zhumatai pass (3325 m). The gorge was passed by the adventurer Ella Maillart in 1932. Arriving to local hot springs made in national yurt. Swimming in the radon hot spring. Night in tents. 


Juukuchak - village Bokonbaevo

Morning drive to the village Bokonbaevo. We stop on the way for a walking in the famous canyon Fairytale. Picnic near the lake on the wild beach. Falconry will be demonstrated for you by local master of falconry Ishenbek. Dinner and accommodation in guesthouse of Bokonbaevo village. 


Bokonbaevo - Son-Kul Lake

Morning drive to Kochkor, where we visit the craft center and have a lunch. Driving further to Son-Kul Lake. Ascent to Kalmak Ashu (3446 m), meet with modern nomads, cattle and yaks. Night in a yurt camp.


Son-Kul lake (free day)

Horseback riding to top of mountain to see panoramic view to Son-Kul lake. Lunch in yurt and free second part of the day. You can enjoy with walking around the lake or taking a sunbath on altitude 3016m. 

In summer some of the local people who live in the villages, leave their homes to go up to the green and luscious meadows of Son-Kul Lake. Here during the warm summer months, they graze their cattle in the summer pasture live and in small farmsteads, which are called jailoo. You could see rest of real nomads only Son-Kul Lake, men all day long they ride horses and graze the cattle, which they collected from close villages. Women taking care of children and do housework: clean, cook, bake bread, make delicious butter and other dairy products from cow and horse milk. In the summer pasture, almost all the food is of natural, local products: meat, milk, butter and airan (local yogurt). Here you can see a lot of horses that graze and breed on their own. These noble animals are a particularly nice fit into the Alpine-like meadows. Accommodation and dinner at Yurt camp on Son-Kul lake.


Son-Kul lake – Kyzyl Oi village

We will have 3 hours horseback riding to top of mountain in order to see panoramic view to Son-Kul lake and then after lunch we proceed further to Kyzyl-Oi village via Kara-Keche pass, which is on the altitude of the 3384m. This pass is popular for cyclists and off-road lovers. Kyzyl-Oi is a mountain village located at the altitude of about 1800 meters above sea level in the valley of the mighty river Kekemeren. Here you can see an extraordinary landscape of majestic mountains surrounding the village. Accommodation and dinner in family CBT guest house in Kyzyl-Oi. Big groups will be divided to few guesthouses.


Kyzyl-Oi – Bishkek

We proceed to natural treasure of Inner Tian-Shian, to Suusamyr valley. Suusamyr is one of the best grasslands in Kyrgyzstan. The pass attracts many alpinists, ski lovers and simply people who love fresh mountain air. Further, our road will pass through majestic Too-Ashuu pass, it lies at the altitude of 3400 m. That road connecting the north and south capitals. You could see amazing landscapes and good few to Suusamyr valley. Arrival to Bishkek. Festive dinner in ethno restaurant Supara and folk show. Accommodation in hotel 3*. 


Bishkek – airport Manas

Early depart to airport Manas. End of service.

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  • Transfer during the full period of tour
  • English speaking guide
  • Guide-cook during horseback riding, 1 more cook will be provided for groups more than 7 person. 
  • Horse keeper, for groups more than 5 person will be provided 1 more horse keeper 
  • Horses for clients and additional horses for luggage
  • Horseback riding (half day) in Son-Kul
  • Equipment for horseback riding (1 tent for 2 person, mats, table equipment)
  • Full board
  • Hot springs 
  • Admission fee to sights.
  • Festive dinner in traditional Supara restaurant (except alcohol drinks) 
  • Double or Twin accommodation in hotels and tents, 4 person in 1 yurt
  • Falconry 

Not Included

  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tips 
  • Angara (big tent for taking meal) 


This track is accompanied by horses for luggage or for transportation. This program may draw families with children over 8 years old. Kyrgyz visa is not required for citizens of the following countries: CIS, EU, the U.S.A., Switzerland and Japan ( A passport valid at least for 6 months is needed. Compiled program is exemplary. It can be changed due to schedule flights, weather conditions or your individual order.