Juuku Gorge is located 75 km from the town of Karakol, to the west of Chong-Kyzyl-Suu gorge. The length of the valley is 50 km. The distance of more than 30 miles on the slopes of the canyon is covered with spruce forests. At the bottom of the gorge there are silent red rocks.

Looking around you can see large glaciers and the peak It-Tash (4808 m). In the upper part of the gorge there are many waterfalls and alpine lakes (Juukuchak, Juuku, Chokolyk-Kel, Nizhnee, Maloye, Kashka-Suu, etc.). The color of water in the lakes is surprising and unusual, there can be seen the shades of green, and blue, and purple. It should be noted that the wildlife in the valley Juuku is represented wider and more numerous than in other canyons.

Here you can see herds of mountain goats, wild rams, stone martens, deer, snowcocks, chukars and partridges. It’s also interesting to see some monuments of antiquity here: rock paintings of 6th - 1st centuries BC, the graves of ancient Turks and stone sculptures.

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