First morning on Son-Köl Lake was very sunny. We woke earlier to stare how the sun was raising above small hill and illuminating the lake and our tents. It was very warm despite that the lake is 3000 meters above the sea level. That is why cooking and packing our stuff passed in comfort and quickly. We were just lucky though, as the weather here is quiet chilly even in June and July especially in night time +5 - 7 °С. Sure, the lake is surrounded by beautiful snowy mountains. This  indeed makes you overjoyed, especially after drinking kymyz. In Russia we call it kumys.

Kymyz is fermented drink made from fermented mare's milk, traditional drink of nomadic herders, obtained through lactic and alcoholic fermentation.

Based on the fact that kymyz in Russia costs a bit more expensive than champagne, and in Kyrgyzstan it is cheaper than a bottle of water, I`d better name it Kymyz in my blog post.

In the begging of June it is opening of kymyz season and production pick of the drink. People say that in this period it has the best healing properties. To the word, Japanese scientists made a research of local national drinks and concluded that kymyz is very healthy. This fact makes people of Kyrgyzstan very proud. We could ascertain ourselves as we were drinking it during our whole trip. But when we arrived to Son-Köl locals explained us that kymyz is usually drank after a hearty dinner because make your arms and feet relaxed. Probably, that is true as the drink is a bit alcoholic, but that evening we were drinking pure medical spirit which is not less healthier and tasty.

Personally I think that kymyz increases endurance, reduces the time for regeneration (recovery) while in place where I am from it more effects men`s health.

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