Infinite beauty of Kyrgyzstan. Part 2


Issyk-Kul, long known for its legends and mysteries, - is a magnet for different people, who are interested in spiritual development, practices and meditations. Runes and Cheshary!

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Some things, that were considered unimportant gain a new life here…

Young hunter!

Means of transportation for young shepherd!

Mountain range. Highlands are occupied by wolves. Shepherds are placing scarecrows as an alarm signal for wolves, that further lies human territory.

From the hunt.

Ascension to “B1” route: snow, crumble and ice.

Embrace the nature!

Be charged by the energy of mountains!

In the mid of May first yurts start to appear at the mountains.

In the night we were jumping over the fire. Nobody’s hurt and everyone got warm!

Our photographer, Pavel Jygalov is working.

Shepherd’s son, gorge of Kyzyl-Suu. According to local customs, this 12-year old boy is an adult, and his horse and dog – are his best friends and companions. For whole season he will live with adults at highlands in severe conditions, taking care of the herd. In the end of month they will come back to valley and herd’s owner will count the heads, and if all of them are present, shepherd’s family will receive one ram as a payment.

Living along with nature makes life very difficult, especially for us, urban dwellers. But these boys are real jigits (warriors): brave, noble, but still cheerful and childishly direct. Fathers may be proud of them!

Sunset on the river, Kara-Batkak gorge. Thousands of rivers flow down from glaciers towards the lake Issyk-Kul. In early morning you will see only a small streamlet, but at the evening it will eventually become deep and strong.

To be continued...

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Author: Michael Shmelev