10 day trekking through Talas, Sary Chelek lake


Our route is going through most picturesque places of Kyrgyzstan! We will see the capes of snowy mountains, alpine pastures, mountain passages, high-altitude lakes, forest and bushes of derelict trees! Experienced guide will accompany you and share with fascinating stories and facts!


Manas airport – Bishkek

Meeting at the airport. Hotel accommodation. Departure to picturesque Ala-Archa national park. Promenade. Getting accustomed to climate.



After breakfast departure to Talas (300 km, 5 hours). Short transfer to accommodation site, Madaniyat village.


Talas – Chiyim Tash

Transfer to conjunction of Urmaral and Chiyim-Tash rivers. Further road through beautiful shore of Chiyim-Tash until its conjunction with river Shor-Alysh. Approaching Chiyim-Tash passage. On our way we will see large rocks with petroglyphs on them. Before passage we will see plenty of gorges and majestic mountain lakes.


Approaching 2nd mountain passage

Climbing Chiyim-Tash passage (3601m), passing between lakes. From that passage beautiful scenery is available on Western Tien Shan ridge. Short, but steep descent to the road on the right side West Kara-Kulja river. Night in a tent camp on the air.


Approaching 3rd passage

Lightly ascending Kashka-Suu (3600m) passage and steep descent to Kashka-Suu river, we’ll be moving along the river shore, until in connect with Kara-Suu river. Our road will be along the river shore to Kara-Suu lake. There we make a camp on the shore and enjoy the sights.


Passage, descent to the lake

Descending on the left side of the river to Keterme passage (2446m), there we will find comfortable alpine plateau, surrounded by rocks. Then we continue to descend and make a camp on the lake.


Transfer to Sary-Chelek lake

Today we are heading to one of the most marvelous lakes in the world – Sary-Chelek, which located within boundaries of national park high in the mountains. Its name from Kyrgyz translates as “yellow vial”. Truly, during the fall season because of falling leaves lake look like it’s filled with honey. During the summer, however, lake look like it came from the emerald dream! Road to lake is difficult and adventurous, through serpentine roads and passages and will take all day. Overnight right here on the shore in camp.


Sary Chelek lake

All day we are going to enjoy Sary chelek beauty. You may ride a horse or take a boat and venture on the lake. Also we are going to explore places of interest nearby: waterfalls, lakes and forests. This day is full of photo opportunities.


Sary chelek- Chychkan

After breakfast you may go for a row and ride a horse. After lunch we are going to chychkan gorge. Accommodation in local hotel upon the arrival. Before dinner we may go to Chychkan national park or walk around the shore of mountain river.



After breakfast we are heading to capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek. Our route will head through beautiful gorges and canyons of Tien Shan mountains, by passing two mountain passages. One of them is really fascinating! It’s called Too-Ashuu passage (3586m).This is one of the few places, where you can enjoy a beautiful scenery of Chui and Suusamyr valleys. Lunch will be held right on the track. Arrival at the evening. Visiting east bazaar and purchase of memorable souvenirs. Final dinner.

Airport transfer.

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  • Porter
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Guide
  • Chef
  • Transportation
  • Tours
  • Access to geothermal springs

Not Included

  • Air tickets
  • One person accommodation, early arrival
  • Expences, not included in the program
  • Alcohol beverages


Climate is continental, we recommend our guests to have a warm shoes, clothing, sun screen and sunglasses, and an individual sleeping bag.