Traveling south on the Bishkek-Osh road, after the descent from the pass Ala-Bel you can find yourself in a beautiful gorge Chychkan. The name of the gorge translated from Kyrgyz means "a mouse", because a lot of field mice inhabit there.

On the slopes of mountains surrounding the valley Chychkan, grow juniper, spruce, wild blackberries and barberry. The natural world of the gorge is extraordinarily diverse and presents many opportunities for those who like to travel.

There runs a wild river Chychkan, which flows into the Toktogul reservoir. In the gorge there is also a hunting reserve, where ibex, roe deer, wild boar, argali and other wild animals are protected.

You can make a trip to one of the two mountain lakes situated at the altitude of over 3000 m, as well as to enjoy the most picturesque views of the 60-meter waterfall.


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